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Alan and Kamie Page recount the process and the joy of a time-honored family tradition in Grandpa Alan's Sugar Shack


Inspired by great leaders throughout history, Justice learns how she can have an impact on her community in Justice Makes a Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter, Esquire by Dr. Artika Tyner and Jacklyn Milton


The Call by Wendy Ulmer is a timeless tale of music, magic, a boy, and his dragon


A sleepy-time counting book for little ones, Goodnight, Little Orcas: A Counting Book by Megan Calderon, features many animals from the Arctic


The Adventures of Onyx Coloring & Activity Book features sixty-four pages of mazes, word searches, connect-the-dots, coloring pages, and more!

Sheila loves treats and all things sweet until the sugar monster shows up and her mood turns sour. Sheila and the Sugar Monster by Mary Meyer


Babies and toddlers learn about friendship and teamwork                                                 in Rosie the Response Boat by Kristy and Tyler Benson

Ocean Cousins: Mini Stories by Jerry Pallotta is a collection of hilarious and touching stories about growing up at the beach in Massachusetts

"Don't tell anyone, but..." and so begins the hilarious Rumorang by Janice Brown


Will Onyx and the team be able to save a snowmobiler who has fallen through the ice? Find out in The Saginaw River Ice Rescuers by Tyler Benson

Winner of a host of awards, Hey Baby, Look! by Kate Shannon is a bright and engaging board book for babies and toddlers

Onyx falls ill during an annual voyage to honor the SS Edmund Fitzgerald
in The Far Side of the Lakes by Tyler Benson 


Annie's Plaid Shirt by Stacy B. Davids will inspire readers to be themselves


Beasties by Pat Hall is a playful story about conquering fears


Author Wendy Ulmer takes babies and toddlers on a counting journey
through New England in One Green Tree, Ten Chickadees


E is for Election Day by Gloria M. Gavris is a child-friendly exploration
of the American electoral process


Zoey Goes to the Hospital / Zoey va al hospital by Bill Mulcahy helps children
feel less afraid during a hospital stay; c
ompanion coloring book available


Which door will you open first?
Open the Doors to You
 by Casey Rislov

Have you ever been curious about someone who's different from you?               
It's Okay to Ask! from Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare 

Onyx meets her newest canine crewmember in 
The Battle of the Bay Class Dogs by Tyler Benson


Anyone who has ever felt different will connect with
The Invisible You
by Alan Page and Kamie Page


Onyx and her crewmates are on a mission to save Christmas in
The Mighty Mackinaw
by Tyler Benson


Meet the not-so-plain Miss Lucy Jane in this imaginative adventure 
by Jane Willis Johnston


The non-stop action continues with The Angels in the Air by Tyler Benson


My Twelve Maine Christmas Days by Wendy Ulmer celebrates the gifts of Maine



Courage and loyalty are challenged like never before in
The Fight Against the Falls by Tyler Benson


Love is Forever by Casey Rislov gives caregivers and children
a beautiful way to begin talking about loss and grief


When Ida May decides to borrow trouble she discovers what she's been looking for all along in Ida May's Borrowed Trouble by Pat Hall


Onyx saves the day again in The Gales of November by Tyler Benson


A little boy finds something in common with a big man with an even bigger heart in 
Alan and his Perfectly Pointy Impossibly Perpendicular Pinky
by Alan Page and Kamie Page


Explore the Great Lakes region with stories and songs in
Voices Across the Lakes by Anita Pinson


Lonely little Loo Loo imagines a feline friend named Rexxaroo in
Loo Loo and the Fabulous Marvelous Rexxaroo
by Helene Sola


A stray dog finds a home and a purpose in
The Adventures of Onyx and the Guardians of the Straits
by Tyler Benson


Meet a short tree with a tall dream in
Little Spruce of Raspberry Creek
by Mary D. Bowman

Take a look inside the life of a blogger in
My Mommy is a Blogger! by Sommer Poquette


When Penelope Ant becomes an aunt, she tries to buy everything for Baby Ant in
Penelope Buys the Moon by Rhonda Olson Lundgren

  Interview with Rhonda


Learn about the world of osprey in 
An Osprey Summer by Bethany Masters

  Interview with Bethany


Laugh along with a family whose house is threatened by
The Laundry Monster by Jeanne Morrison Cook

  Interview with Jeanne