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At Book Bridge Press, we specialize in helping people publish high-quality books for children.

If you have always dreamed of publishing a successful book for children, you've come to the right place. We are the experienced choice for children's book publication. Founded and staffed by professionals with a direct history in the children's publishing industry, we help you take your manuscript and develop it into a professional quality book. In other words, we are your bridge to an expert publication!


Book Bridge Press Will:

•Assess your manuscript’s strong and weak points

•Edit your manuscript so it’s market-ready

•Create custom concepts for design and layout

•Create custom illustrations

•Select or create custom photographs

•Ghostwrite portions or entire manuscripts

•Develop and implement your marketing plan

•Provide you with professional promotion materials, website, marketing tools

•Help you gain publicity and host successful events

•Coordinate and manage the final printing and shipping

•Obtain your ISBN, LOC listing, Copyright Registration and more