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Meet Book Bridge Press Author:
Jeanne Morrison Cook

The Laundry Monster is an adorable book for children created with an energetic romping, rhyming vocabulary. As the first in the The I Can Help! series developed by Jeanne Morrison Cook, The Laundry Monster takes aim at teaching children valuable lessons about helping out with a common household chore. 

Jeanne Morrison Cook is a mother of four who tries to keep the tornado that is her home tamed to a minor storm.  The concept for The Laundry Monster came after she tripped over a pile of laundry and felt like she was going to be consumed into the abyss.  After that incident she decided it was time for her children to learn in a whimsical manner how to help with household chores. 

Jeanne, who earned her B.A. in English from Colby College in Waterville, ME, has been freelance writing for twenty years. She lives in Orono, a suburb of Minneapolis, MN, with her husband Mitch, their children, and their dog Colby, who loves mismatched socks. 

A Conversation with Jeanne Morrison Cook

Book Bridge: The Laundry Monster is an adorable romp that teaches a valuable lesson. When did you first create this character?  

JC:  I envisioned the Laundry Monster character and wrote the initial story seven years ago when my 4th child was just a baby.  I tripped over a basket of laundry and envisioned myself being gobbled up.  I quickly wrote the story, or rather it wrote itself. I put it in a drawer because I was too busy with all the family activities. When my youngest got into kindergarten, I took out The Laundry Monster and started working on it again. Initially it was a prose story, however, I felt that it would be better in a rhyming verse.  I was full of starts and stops with the development of the story until I was introduced to Book Bridge Press.

Book Bridge: What was your initial creative vision for the book and how did Book Bridge Press help you bring it to life?

JC: Book Bridge Press coached me and helped me move forward. They were meticulous, and helped me see the areas of my story that were essential to its success and which parts could be cut.  When I first met with BBP, they asked me about my goals.  My number one goal was to produce the best book possible.  Through their expert editing, publishing illustration support and graphic design expertise, I exceeded my own expectations.  BBP also encouraged me to be my own boss and start my own publishing company instead of working through a self-publishing third party. 

Book Bridge: In your words, what was most surprising about the creative and production process?

JC:  I learned that the creative process, and the creative mind, never ends or rests.  I knew I had a vision for some elements and parts of the story; but it was really fun to see the ideas in my head captured in full color by a wonderful illustrator!

Book Bridge: How do you feel about your end result?

JC:  I love my Laundry Monster book!  I still feel in awe that I have completed it. It is also very rewarding to start getting positive feedback from family and friends, and even strangers!  The illustrations are amazing!  I think the final quality of the print job is great too.

 Book Bridge:  We love The Laundry Monster, and are thrilled for your success! Will there be more books in your I Can Help! Series?

JC:  I had casually envisioned The Laundry Monster being part of a series of ways children can help with chores around the house.... The Kitchen Monster, The Dust Monster, etc.... The list could be endless!  BBP helped me further develop this idea during the production of my first book, so we were able to incorporated those ideas, such as a logo on the cover and calling it the "I Can Help! Series"  I have many customers already asking me "What is next?"

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