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The Story of Book Bridge Press

Book Bridge Press was founded upon the principle of helping authors achieve independent success. Historically, traditional publishing was a business model that sent more of the benefit per book to publishers and booksellers than authors. This traditional model worked for years because contemporary chain bookstores managed large volume sales and high capacity distribution centers. But it was also a model where many authors heard "no thank you" more often than they heard the word "yes."

But that's all changed, and the publishing world is a different place now. With fewer booksellers, shrinking chains, and consumers who are comfortable making online purchases, authors who once relied upon the distribution chain of large volume stores now find themselves relying evermore upon niche events, school programs, online and community opportunities to sell their books. And because there are fewer places for books to be sold in mass, traditional publishers are signing fewer new titles per year, making it harder than it's ever been for a new author to break into the business.

And we say this is all great news for you, the independent author.

Book Bridge Press recognizes this as tremendous opportunity, whether you are a first-time author or a career professional looking for a better way to monetize your success. And while the concept of independent publishing is not new, access to superior quality services such as Book Bridge Press is indeed new, and we are available to ensure your book is produced in an expert, professional manner. While other companies may review a manuscript and print it with a one-size-fits-all approach, Book Bridge Press is wholly committed to making sure every book is treated with editorial rigor, custom design in every detail, quality printing, and the advantage of a marketing plan that reflects today's evolving industry.

Book Bridge Press is firmly rooted in helping others achieve success, and was launched by book publishing professionals with decades of experience, expertise, and achievement in the industry.