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Full Production Package for Authors

Manuscript Assessment and Project Planning

After listening to your goals and vision, we assess your manuscript’s strong and weak points, and construct a project plan that fully develops it into a high-quality publication, specifically designed for the children's book marketplace.


We consider voice, tone, story order, point of view, plot, and more. We make sure your story is comprehensive on all levels.  You will work directly with an experienced children's book professional, and we guarantee your manuscript will go through a full and rigorous process. We analyze your story for the metrics of children's publishing - age group, vocabulary, concept, word count, and more. We will mentor, guide, support, and coach you through every step of this process. And if necessary, we will even ghostwrite on your behalf.

Copyedit and Proofing

We clean your copy and proofread your final manuscript before we begin the next stages of illustration, design, and layout.

Illustration and Design

Our team includes experienced, talented children's book illustrators and designers. We develop a full art directive based upon your visual cues, and work with the illustrator to develop the artwork that best suits your individual publication. 


We've created a unique model for printing that is designed to benefit you, the independent author. We work with several printing companies, and secure press time with the one that serves your unique project best. You do not pay a penny over print invoice—you pay the actual print cost with no mark-up. Many other companies will mark-up the printing, and you will pay that extra charge each time you reprint as well.


We secure your ISBN on your behalf, all copyright and Library of Congress registration numbers, and any other pertinent, important information that is needed to fully secure your book's place in the contemporary marketplace.

Marketing and Beyond

We will help you develop a strategy for connecting with customers. Every book is different, and the opportunities available for each independent author will vary. We will help you recognize such outlets and create the tools that best help you reach and connect with sales and new opportunities.