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Meet Rhonda Olson Lundgren and her lovely character Penelope!

Rhonda Olson Lundgren is an eighth grade math teacher who loves to read children’s stories out loud, especially stories with great meter and rhyme.  She graduated from Milaca public schools in Milaca, Minnesota, St. Olaf College, and St. Cloud State University.  

In her spare time she enjoys skiing, swimming, tennis, golf and gardening.  She also enjoys reading, puzzles, and games, even when she doesn’t really have any time to spare. Rhonda lives in Minnesota with her husband and two sons.

To visit her site and see her book, visit Light On Press.


From Book Bridge Press:

"Sometimes the best stories start out as a seed of thought. Rhonda Olson Lundgren created Penelope and when she started writing, her talent for finding the warmth and charm of her story's character came shining through. From the first draft, we adored the kind and gentle personality of Penelope, and as we worked through the stages of editorial with Rhonda, made certain that all the nuances of Penelope's tender heart were emphasized. The lesson this little purple ant teaches about the value of spending time with those you love reaches far beyond age and time. We were excited to help our client Rhonda Olson Lundgren bring her dream of Penelope to life!"


Illustrations from the interior of Penelope Buys the Moon by Rhonda Olson Lundgren.